Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Lightning Strike

I was going to make this post all about what women want from a man in the long term. I was going to talk all about communication and passion and compromise. But what do I really know about what women want in the long term? I haven’t quite lived the long term so I’m not going to pretend to know. Instead, I’m going to talk from a realistic, rather than idealistic, standpoint. I’m going to write about what I want.

I want that feeling again- Love. I have no idea who can bring that feeling to life for me or if there will ever be anyone who can. But it’s what I want. For anyone who has ever known the feeling of true, bone- chilling love, than you understand. They say love like that only exists in poetry or in novels, but I would say I’m one of the lucky few that know it is real. It exists in a way that shatters all logic and reason. I’d even hope that I am one of those extremely lucky people that can get struck by lightning twice-which is exactly what it’s like- a surge of power that hits you to the core. For those who have never felt it or can’t imagine, I can only attempt to describe what it is like…

It’s an understanding; a complete knowledge and acceptance of another person. It’s recognizing the person as a whole, in all their faults and strengths, and choosing to accept them in spite of differences. It is a playful romance that takes the form of a wrestling ring in the middle of the living room. It’s a feeling that comes to life in the middle of Target after chasing each other through the aisles and stealing a kiss in home-goods when you finally collide.  It’s asking them to drive around the block a few more times just so you can watch them sing to your favorite song on the radio. It’s going out with all of your friends and the only PDA necessary is the catch of their eye from across the room- one that’s held just long enough to feel all alone. It’s chicken noodle soup when you’re sick. It’s kissing the tears from their face when they’ve felt defeat or sadness. It’s knowing exactly how far is too far in a tickling war and being able to laugh it off when you “accidently” get punched in the face. It’s being able to find that feeling and even forgiveness when you desperately want to hate the other person. It’s the challenge to make each other better than either one of you could be on your own. It’s that adventurous spirit that makes you try things you never thought you could. It’s a chocolate chip fight in the middle of the kitchen. It's being completely selfless, yet spoiled all the same. It’s not arguing over who pays the bill at dinner or who drives. It’s a nap together in the middle of the afternoon and waking up to the feeling completely personified in an act that only you two can put on. It makes you crazy and sane all at the same time. It’s the belief that the measure of that feeling can only be in the distance to the moon and back.

So now you know- I’m an asshole and a hopeless romantic.

It all sounds corny and cliché, sure. But it exists. I know it does because I’ve lived it. I’m not writing this to say I want to live it the same way with the same person. This isn’t some ploy to win anyone over or strike up an old flame. I'll leave that up to the ol, "if it's meant to be" mumbo-jumbo. Instead, I’m writing this for a couple reasons. I want the lucky ones out there that know the feeling I’m talking about; I want them to never take it for granted. I want whatever ma/en that may be in my future to know that I won’t settle for anything less. And most of all, I want that feeling to be what every woman wants.

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