So I was really hoping that there would be more to write about regarding this LSAT prep since it requires so much of my time. However, it is basically just a lot of homework. I will say that this class I am taking is really helpful. In terms of just the helpful tips they give you, I can tell my score is already going up. I really am learning a lot and am feeling really comfortable with logical reasoning and the logic games- they're honestly really fun. As of now, the reading comprehension is boring the snot out of me so I would like to work on that a little more. I am taking another test this week to find out if my score has changed at all over the past few weeks. I'm hoping that it has, but my teacher said the scores might not change that much until the 3rd or 4th practice test because timing will probably still be a challenge. So I will let you all know how it goes!

I just got my scores back from my diagnostic test. My score was about what I expected- not horrible but definite room for improvement. With this course I am taking, they break each of the questions into question type based on difficulty. The most frustrating thing is that I got more of the easy questions wrong than I did the difficult questions. So basically, I probably tried to make things more difficult than they really were on the test. Paranoia I'm sure got the best of me in thinking that everything is a trick. The good new is, that is a fairly easy fix. If I can do the difficult questions, I can answer the easy ones too- so long as I don't let my head get in the way. My logic reasoningwas strong. I am going to have to work on the logic games; however, as I did not do as well in that section. But according to my teacher, that is the easiest section to improve on. I have always been strong in reading comprehension; yet, on this test, it was at the end and I had a hard time with the timing. So logic reasoning, timing and endurance are going to be my main study points. All in all, I feel like I'm on the right track.

Just got home from my first LSAT prep class. I spent the whole class taking a practice diagnostic exam. It basically was just a sample exam given with the proper time constraints and under similar conditions as the real LSAT. It was long to say the least. After the third section, I was pretty tired of the material to be honest. So endurance is going to be my main focus throughout the next couple months. Being away from school for the first time in 4 years, has me feeling like I have ADD sitting in a chair for 4 straight hours. So do I think I scored extremely high? No, but that's why I'm taking a prep course- so that I can feel comfortable sitting for four hours answering questions about topics I'm comfortable with. That being said, I am really excited because this is finally a test that I can do. I hated the ACT and the GMAT and all the other tests that want to challenge my math skills. Because well I don't have any. Finally, there is a test that can show off my real strengths- reading comprehension, logic, and reasoning. On other standardized tests, I've always scored extremely high in those areas, but failed so miserably at the math sections that I only ended up looking somewhat average. I'm excited though because I really feel like this is finally an exam that will yield results similar to my actual aptitude- which is obviously way above average. (modesty has never been a quality of mine) Anyways, we will see how my scores went, but I already feel more prepared for the real thing, and I haven't even learned anything yet. It's weird, but taking that test made me feel like I might have really found my niche. Next class is Thursday, and in the meantime I will be going over my exam, getting a breakdown of all the answers I got write and wrong.

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