Saturday, January 7, 2012

All About the Follow Through

So far I’ve talked quite a bit about men within the dating realm in terms of their overall status and action. Now I want to focus on a topic I haven’t touched on quite yet: the point of interest where a man is not in a group where he is forced to show position and in which the female has clearly shown notice. I realize that balancing the chemical equation of a woman’s needs is a tricky one. However, there is an expectation of a “follow through” if both parties have shown interest and appeal. I will give you a couple of examples that might make this idea more clear. I was out a couple weekends ago and spent the entire night talking to this guy; didn’t pay for a drink all night as he insisted on buying. It wasn’t a cheap, bar-scene type of connection; we simply got along and had a lot in common. We must have spent a few hours just talking over drinks. At the end of the night though, he didn’t follow through in any way, shape, or form- didn’t get my number or anything. Obviously he wasn’t buying me drinks to take me home or even get a second date out of it, so what was the point? It was clear that we were both very much “into” each other, but there was absolutely zero follow through. I would imagine it was much like running a marathon and quitting ten feet before the finish line. It was disappointing to say the least. The next example is  from this past weekend and involves the guy who sends his best friend to do his dirty work. This isn’t the fifth grade anymore, gentlemen. It drives me crazy when two people are interested in each other, but the guy can’t seem to just pull the trigger. Instead, he sends the best friend in to run a screen play. I’m sorry, but if you are interested in a woman than you need to put in the effort yourself. With as many men as there are that are willing to step up to the plate, there is nothing worse looking than a guy that stands on the sidelines hoping for a Hail-Mary from the best friend. I’m all for the wing-man that helps you get the girl-hey,that’s what friends are for. But when a rapport has been established, it is the expectation that you are going to do something about it. No woman wants a man that isn’t willing to fight for her especially when dealing with the strong, autonomous type. The man should be assertive and confident enough to compliment the woman he is pursuing. Again I want to insist on balance as the only thing worse than no follow through is the overkill. However, effort yields results. So for the men out there, if a woman takes the opportunity to show interest and you feel the same way, FOLLOW THROUGH! If you follow her lead, there is no such thing as rejection and you have nothing to lose. Please, don't miss out on something great because you couldn't muster up the "cojones" to take the necessary action.

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