Friday, December 30, 2011

The Wolf Pack: A Look at the Male Hierarchy

There is something about being the only female in a group of all men. I find myself in the position fairly often, as I am simply attracted to the laid back atmosphere of the male social sphere and for whatever reason, am pleasantly, well-received in such a gathering. Although it is an environment I have become somewhat accustomed to, it has never been one which I fully understood. There are hierarchies and rules that accompany this general muster of testosterone and masculinity; rules and orders that do not apply to me at all. Here, instead, I am given the freedom and the privilege to simply observe the inner workings of what I am going to refer to, metaphorically, as the WOLF PACK! Amongst which are the obvious alpha males, aggressors, breeders, and outcasts. There are, of course, different levels within each group, but generally, this is what I have found to exist. Let’s start with the alpha. This is going to be the hot shot of the group. He thinks he’s better than everyone else and is going to treat you accordingly. He may or may not be a player, but he will act like he is one. There’s something about his confidence that will draw you in, but it is mostly the false arrogance and an ideal (which he can’t live up to) that makes him intriguing. He can be a good guy but only after he has established his dominance. I, personally, have yet to make up my mind about the alpha, as his leadership qualities and charm do hold some merit. The aggressors, next, are going to be the assertive, take-action type of men. Aggressors are the second-in-command behind the alpha; taking some lead but mainly look for a direction to follow. They are hands on and willing to put in the work to get the girl. There is nothing more exciting to them than the chase. So don’t let them catch you because the second you do, they’ll have felt a feeling of accomplishment, followed by boredom, before they move on. Then there are the breeders… Ahh the breeders...  These are your all-around good guys that generally find themselves in the “friend zone.” These men tend to be more down-to-earth and boyishly sensitive. They are competitive in their own right but will never steal the spotlight. Beyond the fraternities and bar scenes, they will go the distance for a woman. These are the men that will treat a woman right, if only she’d take notice. And lastly, there are the outcasts. This genre does require a mention of subparts because there are two specific kinds. First, there is the outcast that desperately wants in. They will do whatever it takes to make themselves known to the group; no matter how awkward and creepy they end up looking in the process. They will try and put every other man down in some way, so as to elevate their status within the pack; however, it never seems to work. And second, there is the outcast that simply accepts his position as the outcast and will remain on the outskirts of the pack. This type of outcast won’t try to climb the social ladder, as he is content with the fact that he is a part of a pack at all. That’s it. Men are as simple as that. Now in using the wolf pack as my metaphor of choice, I realize that I have equated men to dogs, but I think I have done so fairly. I would find it hard to dispute the existence of such a pecking order among men. I don’t claim to understand how men understand and adopt the roles they assume, but I will go so far as to say that the order does exist. So next time you’re out, I double-dog dare you to stop and take notice of which type of man is barking up your tree.

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