Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clinginess Aint Next ta Godliness

Alright, I’ll admit I’ve been off the market here for a while, and I’m a bit out of the loop on all things dating… But what is with the clinginess, gentleman? Seriously, if I’m in the same room as you, why do you feel the need to have your arm around me all night or rub my shoulders as if you’re doing me a favor? If I am interested in you, I will let you know. If I want you to touch me, you’ll know it.   You don’t have to stake your claim or mark your territory like I’m some fire-hydrant for you to piss on.  No one likes PDA. You can save all the touching and rubbing for the bedroom.  Some guys just really need to work on finding a balance between showing interest and stalking a girl. While we’re in public, let me do my thing. When we are behind closed doors, I promise you’ll get my undivided attention! Key to a second date= BALANCE or for those who cant take a hint: leave me the F*** alone!

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